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(POSTED 11/2)21

OMG! My Dream Team: my husband Brian, my daughter Erin, me my sisters Weezie & Maggie off to knock, knock, knock. Thank you! What a wonderful world today! GO BLUE TEAM!

(POSTED 10/30/21)

Okay. Here he is. THE MAIN MAN showing up at Dem Headquarters in Pok on Saturday to rally the troops. In true form his message was: work hard to the very end and do it with love. OMG! What politician talks like that? ANTONIO DELGADO, that's who!!! We love our Congressman here in NY19 and so do my sisters, Maggie & Weezie from FL & TX, here to work the turfs! I am filled with gratitude to have such inspiring people in my life!

(POSTED 10/29/21)

Maggie, Barbie & Weezie - the Sisters all ready to ROCK Barb for Dutchess County Leg - District 22.  GO BLUE!


(POSTED 10/27/21)

Arlene Morel remembered me from months ago when Rachel Saunders and I walked together in Chelsea Cove. Arlene says she loved us back then and even more now. Barb and Rachel get Arlene's vote. Thanks, Beekman voter!

Dan Hallock, a popular Dem in Chelsea Cove N, thinks this candidate would do a really good job at legislator and supports me all the way to BLUE! Thanks, Dan Hallock.


(POSTED 10/26/21)

Here I am with registered voter Levi Foster on Lime Ridge Rd in Beekman. Sif's also in the pic. Everybody's on board to GO BLUE!

(POSTED 10/24/21)

 This is Pierro. He lives in Beekman Chase, a beautiful group of homes in Beekman. He had already voted for me on the very FIRST day of early voting! Thank you, Pierro! You so know how to GO BLUE!!

(POSTED 10/23/21)

 Mr. Mina and two little Mina's all shouted "GO BLUE" after our photo shoot in Beekman on Saturday! Thank you, Mina family!











(POSTED 10/20/21)

Does this guy look like a Dem or what? As a matter of fact, John Gilvey is a local Democratic glass-blower. He definitely is a voter after my heart. Go Blue!

 Denean Hardmanlies at 703 Chelsea Cove S and votes blue! Sure hope the rest of Beekman's and UV's Dem show up on November 2.

(POSTED 10/17/21)

Gary Powlis Jr., a loyal Dem, hard at work on Rt 216 in Poughquag on a beautiful Sunday morning. Thank you, Gary!

Here's Gary's stepson, Ardae, a 9th grader at FDR High School in Hyde Park also hard at work on a Sunday morning. Hey, Fellas, hard work ALWAYS PAYS OFF!!!


(POSTED 10/15/21)

This mom, Nandranie, and her daughter, Amrita, are on my team for Dutchess County Leg for District 22! Thank you, Ladies!

Founded in 2001 by Judith Hope, the first woman to chair the New York State Democratic Committee, Eleanor's Legacy is inspired by the dynamic legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt and her dedication to expanding the role of women in government.



(POSTED 10/11/21)

Christine Dubois on Thomas Rd in Dalton Farms pledged to vote for me on Sunday. We had a wonderful conversation talking about the days at Brewster HS when Christine was a cheerleader for the Brewster Bears football team!


(POSTED 10/10/21)

The ambiance was as good as it gets at the Young Dems event on Saturday evening at Ashley & John Bohuniek's home in Wappingers. From left to right: Rachel Bruce, John Bohuniek, me, Ethan Pine - president, Vincent Pedi, Rachel Saunders, Rebecca Edwards, and James Hyer. I LOVE these young people!

Knocking on doors in Dalton Farms on Saturday, I meet this awesome supporter on Thomas Rd, Michael Dantonio! He wanted me to be sure to get the flag in our selfie! Thanks, Michael. 

(POSTED 10/4/21)

 Michelle Strong who lives in Chelsea Cove Condos where I live says, "Of course, you have my vote. You're a Democrat!" Thank you Michelle!

(POSTED 10/3/21)

Bill Cain, running for town board in Beekman, and I attended the Chip Hoagland Annual Democratic Brunch and Silent Auction at the Links in Union Vale on Sunday. OMG! There was an entire room filled with Democrats! What a piece of heaven to be among so many like-minded peeps!

 (POSTED 10/2/21)

Lesa Schmitt, a mad supporter who happens to by my son, Matty's, partner living in Beekman, and I posing after Lesa says a big "YES" to voting for me on November 2! Thank you, sweet and stedfast Lesa! 


Here I am with our one-of-a-kind MC at Hudson Valley Strong's "Rally for Abortion Justice" in Kingston on Saturday. Steve Spicer led over 200 attendees including Congressman Antonio Delgado, Ulster's own county exec Pat Ryan, and lots of other special speakers in chants and shout-outs, not the least of which was "Bans Off Our Bodies"! What a glorious gathering of activists!!! On the left is is HVS's signature logo for the event.

(POSTED 10/1/21)

Rima Liscum and I are co-chairs of Hudson Valley Strong. What a worker-bee this woman is! I can't imagine the Hudson Valley without Rima! Dan Degan is running for leg in Pleasant Valley. 

Below starting on the left are: Craig Brendli, Claire Owens, Yvette Valdes-Smith, Rebecca Edwards, Dan Degan, Eric Eckey, Brennan Kearney, Brendan Lawler, me, Pam Kingsley, and Tyler Irish. GO BlUE!

(POSTED 09/29/21)

Here I am with one of my favorite Dems-in-training, my beautiful granddaughter, Molly MacDonald. Hopefully, I can inspire Molly to make her own "good trouble" one day! She knows Barbie's battle cry is GO BLUE!

(POSTED 09/25/21)

Here I am on Buck Drive in Beekman with Shaddai and Melinda Morales. They took time out from closing their swimming pool to talk with me. They are two wonderful voters who support what I stand for - the Common Good.  Thank you, Morales's!

(POSTED 09/23/21)

Here I am with Christine Jablonski in Dalton Farms in Beekman. What a fan this girl is! Thank you for your vote, Christine (I've always loved Christine's hairstyle. Found out on her front steps that she is a HAIRDRESSER!) 

Roaridan (23 years old) and I had a soulful talk about voting, bi-partisanship, and hard work tonight. This independently registered voter lives on Rt 216 in Beekman and spends his days as an arborist in Westchester. Roaridan blew me away! What a great guy!

(POSTED 09/22/21)

Now, that's what I'm talking about! Thank you, President Biden! 

(POSTED 09/21/21)

Thomas Gill and his pooch on Walker Rd in Beekman are going blue all the way! Thank you Thomas and friend!

(POSTED 09/19/21)

"Summer in the Park" with the DDWC at James Baird Park on Sunday. A special shout-out to our youg supporter Iridian Lucas Garcia, a wonderful role model for all newbie activist! GO BLUE!

 Here I am with other Dutchess County candidates at the DDWC "Summer in the Park." I'd follow THESE women anywhere! GO BLUE!

POSTED 09/18/21)

Here's Francyne Craig, a supporter in Lagrangeville. While she was out walking her dog, I asked Francyne if she'd take a selfie with me. Her response, "Of course, I will." Now that's what I'm talking about! Thanks so much, Francyne! And what a beautiful smile she has!

(POSTED 09/17/21)

These are two of my biggest family fans - my niece, Lisa, and her handsome new husband, Jonathan, living in Houston, Texas. Lisa is one of my phone-bankers. And just because they live in Texas, don't think badly of them. The are both mad good Dems!!!


(OSTED 09/16/21)

Jim lives on Bowe Lane in Lagrangeville. This Dem liked what he saw on my webpage so much that he decided to donate to my campaign while browsing it. Thanks, Jim!

(POSTED 09/15/21)

At the May 11, 2021, Beekman Town Board meeting a resident addressed the town board about the number of signs displayed on this business in Beekman's Town Center. This is a violation for which a fine can be imposed. There was supposed to be follow-up regarding this matter.  Was there? 




(POSTED 09/14/21)

When I asked David Rado, a great supporter in Beekman, if his family would pose with me, he said that his wife and daughter were inside busily working. So its just he and I in this selfie! Thanks, David! And GO BLUE!

(POSTED 09/12/21)

Look at this picture-perfect pair at Waryas Park on Sunday strolling the Decarcerate at the Hudson Valley event.           


(POSTED 09/11/21)

I attended the 9/11 Memorial Service in Beekman on Saturday. The stories were heart wrenching. Here I am with Beekman Fire Department president Cheryl Puletz (center) and retired NYC police chief San Daly who lives in Beekman. Dan spent weeks at Ground Zero after 9/11.







Me and retired police chief Dan Daly at the Beekman 9/11 Memorial.

Here's a beautiful family of four who lives near Sylvan Lake in Beekman. They moved up here two years ago from the Bronx. Dad was on the Board of Education in District 2 there. His daughters will probably cause "Good Trouble" one day!

This is Julian, a semi-retired business owner in Beekman. His son has taken over. Julian says that he'll be voting for me!


 Another senior supporter in Beekman! Go BLUE!

(POSTED 09/9/21)

Quoting the Washington Post on September 5,  "Nearly 1 in 3 Americans experienced a weather disaster this summer." Poughkeepsie Journal on Friday, September 3, read, "Powerful storm destroys bridge, floods homes, roads across county."  It's time for Dutchess County's defunct Climate Task Force to resume meetings.

(POSTED 09/8/21)

This is Hugo, a voter in Lagrangeville. Hugo just completed a bathroom renovation in the condos where I live. I was invited in for a peek - it's just beautiful! Hugo has his own small business - Osorio Builders. He says that he ALWAYS votes for Dems because they actually care about the average hard-working middle-class guy like him! Go BLUE!


(POSTED 09/7/21)

Meet my sister Maggie & brother-in-law Brian. Without thest two awesome people, I wouldn't have a campaign. Maggie's the forever treasurer, and Brian's everything techy. Best of all they do everything they do with LOVE. Who could ask for me? Thanks Maggie & Brian Foret!


(POSTED 09/6/21)

 This is Idalmy, a Dem grandmother living in Dalton Farms in Beekman. Doesn't she look fabulous! Anyway, she lives in a household with five, yes FIVE, registered Dems. To quote Idalmy, "If you want to live in this house, you must vote in ALL elections!"


  (POSTED 09/4/21)

This is my husband, Brian Walsh.  He's the best door-knocker I have. 

(POSTED 09/3/21) 

Simon's been a loyal supporter in Beekman for years. He took time out from grilling his steak to assure me of his vote and posed for this pic! Doesn't he look like a wise sage! 


(POSTED 09/2/21)

This is Regina, a registered voter living on Hynes Rd in Poughquag. Parts of Hynes Rd are paved, but the section in front of Regina's house is not. She contacted the town board and asked if part of Beekman's $1.58 million in stimulus money could be used to pave her road. She hasn't received an answer.


 (POSTED 08/30/21)

Here I am canvassing doors in Beekman on Sunday, and I run into another strong supporter, Jack! Thank you to all the people rooting for me in District 22. Will you come out and walk with me to get my "Good Trouble" message out?


Oh boy! I hit the jackpot this Saturday while kocking on doors! Felipe Medina, a union carpenter, lives in Poughquag with his wife, two daughters, and soon-to-be son in law. And all are registered Dems and say they will vote for me on November 2! This guy made my day!

 (POSTED 08/29/21)

Took a break from knocking on doors on Friday to go to the Dutchess County Fair with these two young Dems from Westchester. They are Brenny and Molly, my two grandchildren! I just know that they'll be "fighting the good fight" one day!

(POSTED 08/26/21)

Here are two wonderful senior Democrats, John and Suzanne Gallagher, working hard to help get me elected.  

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