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September 2021

  • Beekman received $1.58 million in stimulus money. UV received $510,000. This money can be used to help "small businesses that suffered during COVID and for infrastructure like sewer, water, and broadband." This is OUR MONEY!

  • Dutchess County received $57 million in stimulus money. The Rs in the leg spent the first $12.5 million to beautify a baseball stadium. What about unpaid mortgages/rent and food insecurity? THIS IS ALSO OUR MONEY!

  • Quoting the Washington Post on Sept. 5, "Nearly 1 in 3 Americans experienced a weather disaster this summer." Dutchess is 10 years behind Ulster and 20 years behind Westchester in addressing this climate crisis: NO fossil-fuel reduction targets; NO climate vulnerability and flood-mitigation plans; NO measures to decrease fossil-fuel usage; and an EXPIRED Climate Task Force that doesn't meet. Meanwhile, the county operates a waste incinerator in a heavily residential area in Pok. Studies suggest that living in proximity to incinerators such as this one has adverse health impacts. NY DEC data indicates this incinerator is the largest air polluter in the county.

  • Services Lacking in Dutchess County: grants for better parks and playgrounds; after-school programs for students; mental-health support, including youth residential treatment; addiction recovery services to combat the 110 lives lost here to drug overdoses in 2020; funding for initiatives to provide free Wi-Fi; reliable revenue-generating municipal broadband; improved water and wastewater systems; and senior services including Dial-a-Ride in all 25 county communities, instead of only five. 


Barbara Walsh


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